Kupka Gallery

Energy paintings painted by Irena Kupková
were donated in 2009 for the activities of the Fulfill Your Dreams Association.

At the reception of the Touches of Harmony studio while sipping fragrant coffee or tea, you can view the mini gallery of BUY OF ENERGY IMAGES and choose gift cards that you like according to your feeling (or nice name). or as a gift for colleagues, friends, friends, family or clients.

They are donated on all continents by people from the Czech Republic to friends and family:
Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, USA, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and more .

Paintings in the Czech Republic also decorate the interiors of massage parlors, meditation centers, ordinaries of psychologists and therapists.

This fulfills the author's wish for their energy to travel among people, and therefore chose a cheap variant of their distribution - gift views, which you can buy many for more people. Life-size copies of the paintings also create the atmosphere of the entire studio and can be found in the halls of all massage suites and the entrance staircase in front of the reception. By selling these gift cards, the Association can create some of its activities, such as mini-courses in the Touches of Harmony studio, which can be significantly cheaper for the public. For 2022 , we plan to release a calendar of the best-selling Energy Image Pile from 2012 . Earnings from the sale will once again go to mini-courses in the studio Touches of Harmony organized by Association Fulfill your dreams .

If you find the author Irena Kupková in the studio, who is the coordinator and masseuse for women and pregnant women in the studio, she will be happy to choose a picture for your person, who only needs to hold both your palms for a few moments.

Come and stop in time for a while, sit with a cup of fragrant coffee or a glass of soft wine and soak up the energy for yourself in our studio.